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Tuesday, December 06, 2016


So, having created a few blogs before and them trailing off into thin air I felt like it was time I actually created one that properly represented ME and captivated both my attention and hopefully yours. My old blogs felt childish, limited even... I have changed a rather drastic amount and just felt like they no longer represented who I am.

So, here I am, HIIIIIIIIIIIII. It's been years since I last wrote one of these so I'm not quite sure how great this post will be but I promise they will improve over time ha! I'm now at university studying fashion brand promotion with journalism. I live in a little house in Preston and no longer have my mother to fend for me. It's weird being actually classed as a 'grown up'. It's something I don't seem to have quite gotten my head around. In fact I most definitely have NOT gotten my head around it as I'm a lazy shit and hate washing up still hahahaha.

I got a job at River Island a couple of days ago wahoooo!!! It'll soooo help fund this blog and the things you see on it so pretty handy ey seeing as I'm such a poor student. I'll also be trying to vlog as much as I can as soon as I retrieve my cameras battery from home.

I have a relatively new partner of just over a year who makes me very happy. University changed a whole lot of things for me and that department was just one of them.

I've put on about three stone due to sheer happiness, so no, if you're looking for thinspo and skinny prettiness you aren't going to find it here. I would always put off writing this blog, like no I'll do it when I've 'lost weight' etc but I thought to myself why SHOULD I not partake in something I love because of my size? I decided, in order to write a successful fashion blog that I didn't have to be stick thin. So I'll be here, keeping it real, showing my unique style upon a not so perfect yet perfectly ordinary body. So, if that's what you'd like to see, keep reading.

I have really bright purple mermaid hair. Yep, this is new. Never had I ever had hair that was an unnatural colour yet now as soon as I have gotten it, I feel like this was the me I was working towards. I love to be different and this hair portrays my personality. I laaarve it. However, I did previously dye my hair and bleach it like fifty fucking thousand times resulting in loads of hair falling out so I now have some lovely looking tufts but hey we learn from our mistakes hahahah. So, yeah I thought I'd start a fresh with a new blog, a new blog layout which is more sophisticated and a new blog name that really represents me (essentially casper the ghost with funky hair). I hope you enjoy.


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