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Sunday, December 11, 2016


This weeks High-street must haves have been largely influenced by my induction at River Island as a number of things caught my eye. I get a uniform allowance so some of these things I will be able to get for essentially free which is SO amazing.

First of all, the denim jacket with the faux fur collar oh my gosh I just love it waaay too much. The pastel blue would go so well with my purple mermaid locks haha. It's £60 from River Island. You can purchase it here.

As for the chokers I absolutely looooove the mermaid one, so much so that I have actually just ordered it (oops). It was £6 from eBay. How cute is it tho? Mermaid heaven.... You can see it for yourself here.

The other choker is too cute. The lace up trend is a massive thing right now and it ranges from lace up shoes, to tops, to dresses and now this gorgeous choker. This is something I definitely want to get my hands on. It's £10 from River Island.

The mesh dress is something that I am buying with my allowance for my work uniform. It shines all different blues in the light which once again makes my inner mermaid scream yayyyy!!! I also thought it'd look super cute for the Christmas period as the colour's it shines are super x-masy. It's £30 from River Island and you can get it here.

The denim OTK boots are just to die for. I absolutely love denim and these are literally the dreamiest pair of boots I have ever laid my eyes upon. I find OTK boots super flattering as I already own three pairs hahaha. They can look cute dressed up or down so these boots will definitely be purchased soon. Only downfall is the heel is huuuuuge and I don't like it when heels are too high as I like comfort. You can find these from the lovely Public desire for £49.99 here.

The grey boots are something that I'm also getting to wear at work. They look so cute and comfy and I love the shape and colour so much. They'll go with every outfit which means they'd be a fashion staple meaning you'll well get your moneys worth and at £30 in the sale you definitely will!! They're of course River Island and you can get them here.

As for the back pack, it too is River Island and I have been wanting a backpack for absolutely ages to lug my laptop around at uni in. It's so pretty and such a good price at £20 so catch it while ya can! You can get it here.

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  1. amazing post honey, congrats.
    Check it out my last post + giveaway.
    kisses from italy

    1. Thank you so much! I'll check out your blog now lovely


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