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Monday, March 13, 2017

Foils Gold Nails for £2.25 - You'd Be a Foil Not To!

So, as a student, affording acrylic nails 24/7 just isn't really plausible. Therefore we gotta find ourselves an alternative! Whilst in Boots I stumbled across these House of Holland nails tossed aside from the main stand. To my delight, I then happened upon the giant red sale sign stating they were only £2.25.

I've had House of Holland nails many a time and they always come out top for me in the stick on nail world. Their designs are quirky, unlike anything on the market, and their glue.. their glue is something else!

This pack of nails includes nail glue and a cute little nail file as well as of course the 24 nails. They're super easy to apply: with a quick file of the nail and a bit of glue you're good to go. Typically, when I've worn these they've lasted me about a week which is so incredible for stick on nails! 

I'm such a big fan of having false nails that I really just can't go without, so when I'm having to scrimp a little these really are the perfect alternative to still keep my nails looking good. I really like the gold design on these, they're really cute and I was so shocked to see them on sale for such an amazing price: the glue's worth that alone! 

So, girls, I suggest you get yourselves down to Boots if you want the most gorgeous gold talons for such a small fee! I currently have them on and they're tap, tap, tapping away at my keyboard as I type.

Have you tried any of House of Hollands nails?

Friday, March 10, 2017

Is Blush Queen the Queen of all blush palettes? For £6 - I think so.

Believe it or not, I actually stopped wearing blush for rather a long time. It used to get forgotten over my bronzer and eery thoughts of my younger years definitely led me away from it (let's just say I packed it on!). 

Now though, I honestly believe a little bit on the apples of your cheeks can seriously transform a look. I feel like adding a little bit of colour to your look can make you look way healthy even if you do stuff your face with pizza and takeaway (oh wait, just me again).

What drew me to this palette was the beautiful marbled look of the blush and I just hoped that the colours I was seeing in the palette would transfer like that onto my face and I wasn't disappointed.

I really love Makeup Revolution. Not only are they an affordable brand but they consistently produce high-quality products, most of which I own as I am OBSESSED. I've heard a few people saying that it irks them that they keep on mimicking higher brands however I think that it provides a budget alternative to people who perhaps don't have that high a budget. People are still going to go and buy the higher brands products as obviously they'll be of better quality but it just provides us with an option of being able to own something similar.

As for this blush palette, it's so stunning and it looks just as good on. It's really pigmented and a little bit on your cheeks looks amazing. You don't need to use too much product so you're really getting a lot of bang for your buck.

I also use this as highlighter. The lighter colours can look really beautiful as highlight and when I want to mix up my makeup a bit, I use them!

Overall rating 9/10. The only downfall is that the packaging is super basic and it's just in a black palette however with a budget brand this is to be expected and I think the beautifulness of the blusher itself makes up for what's lacking in packaging.

Do you think Makeup Revolution should stop mimicking higher brands' products?

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Has Lush Got A Competitor?

How pretty is this bathbomb?!!?! It's so beaut and I must admit I've never seen anything quite like it. It came in at cheaper than Lush's bathbombs at £2.50 and imo is waaay prettier than anything they have ever produced.

I really love how it looks so pretty, almost like it's edible. There were also lots of different ones available in store: some that had pretty rainbows and even some that were like a fish swimming in water. 

I wasn't even aware Kenji sold bathbombs but I can't wait to purchase more from them! When I put it in the bath it exploded into loads of beautiful pink colours and whilst I have seen slightly prettier colours from Lush when submerged in the bath, this is the first one I've tried from there and I was most definitely not disappointed! It looks dreamy.

I have checked online and they aren't actually featured online yet. I got mine in store in Preston so hopefully if you try in a Kenji store near you they'll have them. 

Have you tried a bathbomb from Kenji?


Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Technics New Affordable Collection*

So Technic, that brand you hadn't heard that much about, has released some new products and DAMN you're SO going to hear a LOT more about them. 

I was fortunate enough to be sent some of their new collection to share with you all and, honestly they have upped their game.

I was sent one of their makeup brushes and it feels of super high quality even though it's a budget product. It works really well and gets the job done.

As for the mascara, it leaves my lashes so surprisingly long like HOW are these budget products? I thought it may be clumpy but it goes on really well and leaves my lashes looking great.

I also received a highlighter which, when I received it was like the sparkliest thing I'd ever laid my eyes upon. It was so pretty and sparkly that I had to try it out before taking these pictures so it lost some of its sparkle (SORRY I'm super impatient when it comes to products I love the look of).

When it goes on it's like a glowy dream all glitzy and radiant. I actually couldn't believe how stunning it is for a budget product.

Look how pretty it is!!! It's dreamy.

I was also sent this eyeshadow primer which actually turned out to be my favourite product I was sent (though, it was SO close as they all pulled out the stops). It is such a beautifully glitzy primer which looks just stunning below eyeshadow. It really makes the eyeshadow pop and looks absolutely stunning even worn alone. Its staying power is also really great, I struggled to get it off my hand haha!

Finally, I received this lipstick and I was expecting it to be kind of sheer but oh my gosh it's so pigmented and such a gorgeous colour. It reminds me of Kylie Jenners Dolce K which I own as it's such a gorgeous nude colour. A budget product which looks like Kylie's lipstick... not bad, not bad.

All in all, Technic are seriously one to watch. These products are all so impressive and I seriously recommend you take a look at their new collection. I was sent these products so this is a promoted post, however all views are my own. If I wasn't happy with something I would ensure that I let you know! 

Have you tried Technic before?

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Vita Lip Coconut Infused Lip Balm & Lip Scrub

Aside from the fact that this set was 50p at Superdrug, the pretty packaging drew me in. I love the holiday like vibes you get from this. Also, with this liquid lipstick trend ongoing, my lips are so very dry and were in need of a good scrub and balm.

I have tried so much when it comes to my lips: from Vaseline to an array of chapsticks. Nothing worked and in fact, they often even exacerbated the problem. 

You use the scrub first and then apply the balm afterwards to give them that all important moisture. It claims it is 'enriched with finely granulated sugar to gently eliminate dry - chapped skin and blended with Grape Seed Oil & Organic Coconut Oil as well as Shea Butter'. Not bad for 50p eh?

So seeing this for 50p I was thrilled with it's pretty palm tree packaging and holiday vibes. I got home excited to try it out and honestly it is the only thing that has EVER cured my dry lips. It leaves them feeling so damn good!

I must admit I didn't have the highest of hopes for this product due to the low price but I'm so thrilled to say it exceeds my expectations. It really does work and anyone with dry lips I totally recommend giving this a whirl!

Overall rating for this product - 10/10

Sunday, February 19, 2017

10 Unicorn Horn Makeup Brushes For Under £10

I'm sure you'll all be no stranger to the news of Unicorn Horn Makeup Brushes. Well, I recently came across these beauties for the small price of £8.69 as well as free P+P. £8.69 for TEN brushes!!!

Look how beautiful they are. The Rose Gold Ferrule compliments the opalescent horn handles so well. I also love the fresh white look of the actual brushes in comparison to rainbow ones I have been seeing.

These brushes not only ooze class but also work really well as makeup brushes. The quality of the brushes is beautiful and I literally couldn't fault them. The bristles feel luxurious and soft which is so hard to believe considering you're paying less than a pound per brush.

Hope I pleased some of you unicorn lovers out there! You can purchase them here.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Is This THE Best Budget Palette around?

So, a couple of days ago I purchased this Makeup Revolution palette. Well, I say purchased but really I got it for free for spending £12 on their products. Initially, I came in just to buy the palette as I had seen it earlier that day and decided I just had to have it and at £8 it was a steal. So, when I returned, to find out that if you spent £12 on MUR products you got a free palette I was ecstatic. This is the kinda thing a poor student with a beauty blog wants to hear.

Anyway, aesthetically for a budget palette I think this palette is stunning. I love the heart of highlight and the eyeshadows around it. The eyeshadow colours are so beautiful and vibrant, I'm really loving the reddish colour.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Makeup Revolution Haul

Yesterday I went in to Superdrug and saw a deal for a free palette from Make up Revolution if you spend £12. This is an absolute steal so of course I just HAD to.

I also thought I'd try a £1.50 eyeliner of theirs as I've ran out of mine and I thought I may as well for such a small price. I swatched liner on my hand and it looks like a really good deep black colour. I'm looking forward to trying it.

Struggle to find a matching lip liner for your liquid lipsticks? Me too. So, when I saw this set of lipstick and liner I just had to get it. As you can see by the swatches it's a gorgeous colour; something I wish I'd have had on Valentines!

I chose the 'love' palette to get for free which I'll be writing about in more detail tomorrow after I've tried it but WOW, how stunning is it? And for free?? I honestly think it's the prettiest budget palette I've ever seen! It's super pigmented and beautiful. I swatched all of the shades and that was only a light swatch! They're beautiful colours and I just love the heart of highlight, the highlight colour is so beautiful and filters light stunningly. 

This contour stick is also stunning. The colour of it is enough for it to look natural and like your skin is just naturally glowing and vibrant.

All in all Makeup Revolution just keep on exceeding expectations. They may be a budget brand but this is certainly not reflected in their products.

What do you think of Makeup Revolution?

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner Review

Today I wanted to review Kat Von D's Tattoo Liner. I know a lot of bloggers have this liner but I wanted to let you guys know a true review as to whether it's worth it.

This liners a little pricey at £16 as I was used to getting Rimmel's Glam Eyes for around a fiver which was a really decent eyeliner but I grew tired of using a brush tip. It was hard to get that really defined flick as it wasn't as stable as a pen like nib which is what Kat Von D's liner boasts.

I have THE oiliest eyelids and hooded lids too so I'm pretty much the worst person ever to buy eyeliner for. In the summer it transfers all over my face and I end up looking like a panda so I went on a quest to find a liner that was going to go on and STAY on.

I heard about Kat's tattoo liner and thought immediately it sounded great for me. Read some reviews and took the plunge. I have to admit it's the best liner I've ever used.

It goes on like a dream, glides across the lid easily and is super super black which is what I wanted. Its staying power is great too however I did find on a couple of the hottest days it did slightly transfer though I'm the hardest to cater for when it comes to eyeliner due to the oiliness and hooded lids so a couple of times was a miracle for me.

The only other problem I had with this liner was that when you apply it and want to touch it up, it can just start kinda playing up and not actually applying over itself if you do it once it has dried. This isn't a huge issue though as it very rarely happens. 

Once it dries it does seem to be very tattoo like though I also noticed it can have a slight kind of frosted tint to it/kinda glazed which must be something to do with the tattoo like formula.

All in all, I think this liner is really good, it's easy to apply, got a very nice jet black look and has great staying power. Though, some downfalls are in certain lights it looks a tad glazed and also sometimes plays up with application and on very hot days I find it can transfer.

All in all I rate this liner a 8/10. It's the best liner I've tried.

 Here's an example of the liner once applied. 

What do you think of Kat Von D's Tattoo Liner? Have you ever tried it?

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