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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January 2017 Best Bits

Here's a few of my best bits from my second month of blogging. I'll talk about some of my achievements this month as I think it's nice to reflect on the good in order to progress.

Favourite Photography

I really like these pictures I think they're great and I aspire to ensure all my photography is as good and hopefully better than this in the months to come.

Personal Goals Achieved

At the end of 2016, I set myself some personal goals. Now I know it's only a month later but I'm proud to have achieved some of them.

1. I got my blog professionally designed. I am SO happy with how it has turned out. I wanted to be different from every one else and therefore chose an obscure designer but it SO paid off. I cannot recommend her enough. I also paid a friend to draw my unique mermaid tail logo so now my branding is complete and I'm super happy with how everything turned out. I feel like I'll probably get bored soon though and start adding stuff to it as I'm really bad for that. I hope you guys like the layout and my logo and would really appreciate any feedback on it.

2. I am booked in to attend a blogging event in London. I am thrilled to be all booked in for Blog con LDN and CANNOT wait to meet some of you guys! Let me know in the comments below if anyone's going and we should totally meet up and chat on twitter or something to ease our minds about going! I must admit I am a little nervous as it's my first ever blogging event.

3. I have stayed true to myself. I have only accepted products to promote through my blog that I think you guys would want to see and really truly go with the blog. I would never promote something purely for a free item as that would negatively impact my blog and I don't want to lose any of you guys.

4. I have kept putting out content frequently. I have really really enjoyed blogging, so much so that I've posted very frequently which I'm super proud of and it will continue! I have a cute post lined up for you tomorrow.

5. I have over 100 followers (one off 150 guys pls help hahahha). I'm extremely happy to have achieved nearly 150 followers now I don't know if that's good in a two and a half month time frame but to me it's a huge achievement!

Most Popular Post

This was my most popular post this month so I'll ensure I keep on the look out for great value bargains for you guys.

All in all, January has been a good one and I hope it's been great for you too!

Help me get to 150 followers, I'm one away so it'd be SO appreciated xo
Saturday, January 28, 2017

Lush Haul - Cosmic Gift Box, Unicorn Horn and You've Been Mangoed

So, credit where credit's due, my other half bought this for me as a surprise. I'm a lucky lady. I've never had a Lush gift box before so it was really nice. Cosmics packaging is just divine too!

When I removed the packaging, I loved how the bath bombs had been so carefully packaged to ensure no broken bath bombs. You'd think I had received a vase or something! Also, can we take a moment to appreciate the hand dyed packaging it looked truly beaut and felt so homemade which made it feel so much more special.

My favourite looking bath bomb had to be the blue one I received in the Cosmic Gift box, the colours running through it are what did it for me. Close second is the beautiful unicorn horn. It's just gorgeous and rainbow which is definitely right up my street. 

In terms of smell, it all smells amazing. The 'You've Been Mangoed' smells a cut above the rest though. It is such a fresh beautiful smell. As soon as I opened the bag the smell from all of the products was beautiful. Lush has to be one of my all time favourite shops now! 

Which is your fave Lush product?


Valentines Day Faves ❤

Getting in the true Valentines spirit I thought I'd do my Valentines faves. 

By the way, the mermaid tail graphic you see was drawn for me by a friend for my logo how TALENTED is she!? Amazing.

How pretty are the red dresses?! Seeing as it's a valentines day wishlist I had to stay true to Valentines colour palettes and varied from reds to blushes. I love the flared sleeves on the first one and the crossover of it would be super flattering. I also like the choker and the lace sleeves on the other one.

That underwear set is so so pretty aswell. Staying true to the sexy colour palette I thought this would definitely hot things up! I love the lace and the black straps across it turn the hotness up a notch!

The blush dress is a plus size dress which I think would be super flattering considering it is quite tight and I can feel uncomfortable in tight clothing. The cross over of this dress would highlight those beautiful curves and not make you look bulgy.

The blush coat I thought could be really cute over a dress to keep you warm. Not only would it be practical but you'd also look mega hot. I really love these blush colours.

As for the clutch and the tights, I saw hearts and immediately thought perfect for Valentines! The clutch is kinda quirky and could look so nice with a dress and some heels. The tights also would look great with a dress and would add some lurveee to your night whether you're in a relationship or not! 


Which is your fave in my list?

Monday, January 23, 2017

Lovisa Haul - Cute ASF Jewellery Finds

So, I was recently shopping around Preston hoping to find something nice to buy for my sisters birthday. I was on my way to Superdrug (I was planning on maybe getting her some makeup or perfume or something) when I noticed this shop called Lovisa.

I'd seen that shop quite a few times but chosen to never go in, until now. In I went and WOW. As soon as I entered the door I knew I was gunna be broke. I like quirky jewellery however, I find this hard to source on the high street. I usually always find the best places to get jewellery are etsy but I was astounded to find really beautiful pieces in this store for good prices.

I loved this ring, it reminds me of this pandora one but more of a gothic, punk version which I really really liked. 

Ugh when I saw this unicorn choker I literally had to have it for me and my sister. She let me have the purple one though (I was secretly so happy!!!!) Even though it says kids (lol I'm a kid at heart) it stretches fine and fits adults well. 

This choker was to DIE for. I couldn't leave the shop without it. Anything holographic/iridescent has my name written all over it, so when I saw this I died and went to heaven and it came straight up there with me! 

Last but not least, I bought these beautiful matching sister necklaces which are so delicate and pretty. I thought the packaging was adorbs too and they made for a perfect present for her birthday. 

Have any of you ever visited a Lovisa? 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

January Wishlist

So, I thought I'd comprise a wishlist of all my January faves though it was kind of not productive as I ended up buying £50 worth of clothes off Boohoo lol oops. Wishlists should remain as wishlists when you're a student but hey ho!

1. These Jeans are new in for Missguided and I thought they were so cute and kinda quirky cos of the chains hanging off them. So grunge yet oddly chic. I adore them.

2. This denim skirt is a new in for Boohoo and is like a skirt I already own but better ha! Always the way. You'll buy something but then see a nicer version. Love the way it dips at the back and is so frayed at the bottom. Can be super grunge but also girly.

3. This leather jacket is also a new in for Boohoo and it's right up my street. Love things like this with bits of embroidery on, they look sooo cayoot. I have a leather jacket with floral embroidery so this is totally what I need next.

4. This top is so pretty. It's simple yet different cause of the flared sleeves. I had to buy this so you'll probably see it on the blog sooner or later. I got it in black though but both colours were fiiiire.

5. This shirt dress is something I luuurve, it comes with the belt as well how awesome? I have a few shirt dresses in my collection and find them super flattering. One more can't hurt right?

6. This oversized denim jacket is beaut AND warm. Two of the best things ever cos a gal wants to look hot but practical!! 

Is there anything you've had your eye on this January?


Saturday, January 21, 2017

Playful Purple

Friday, January 20, 2017

Our Trip To Llanrwst In Wales

This is the house where we stayed, it slept up to 15 people so was absolutely huuuuge. It was all vintage and like a throwback inside and was truly beautiful! Me and Dayle (the boyf) travelled down to go and see my sister who I hadn't seen for a while so seeing her was amazing. I also met her pals and saw her boyfriend who were all a good laugh. We arrived late as it took us like EIGHT HOURS OF TRAVEL to get there!!!  The first thing we did was drink lots of alcohol and play games which was really fun. We also sang our hearts out to Abba around the guitar.

I forced my boyfriend to smile in front of the camera on the train on the way to Llanrwst to get in to proper holiday spirit of course! He took it well and cracked a smile the lil cuuuutie. This is the first time I've showed my boyfriend here. As this is a more intimate lifestyle post, I thought it'd be an appropriate time to introduce you all to him. We met at university, we were staying in flats next to each other and it pretty much went from there. We've been inseparable ever since.

This was our bedroom, I mean how cute is it. Pink everywhereeee which is ideal cos who doesn't forking luuurve pink. Even Dayle was pink appreciative because the room was so pretty. The bed was so comfortable too which made a change from our rubbish bed back home in our uni house. It was like sleeping on candyfloss... or air.. or both? Anyway, it was comfortable and this was something we didn't often experience.

This was the view from outside of our window. Usually in Preston, dingy little Preston, we'll wake up to the hustle bustle of people getting from place to place and our view is shrouded by buildings as Preston is a built up area. So, to wake up to the tweeting of birds and look out of our window and see green upon green and beautiful mountains rolling in the background was like something out of a film. I used to go to Wales every weekend when I was a child but I never took it in enough, I took it for granted. But now, seeing as I don't get away much and I'm stuck in university, it was really refreshing to see so much green!

This was one of my favourite parts of the house. The whole set up of it is dreamy ranging from the chair to the plant in the window to the vintage book. The whole decoration of the house was amazing and this was definitely photo-worthy. The only problem with the house is that the ceilings were super low so the boyf kept banging his head left right and center much to my amusement. Whoever lived in this house must have been pretty damn small.

This what we were surrounded with in Llanrwst. How lucky were we? The river was beautiful with ducks and swans inhabiting it floating down the quaint river alongside the rolling hills and countryside. The cottage was a little tea rooms but unfortunately wasn't open. It still looked amazing though! And the bridge was also so stunning framing the river.

We also became besties with a swan who enjoyed what we had on offer; some nice white bread. Though, this friendship was sadly short lived as when it realized we had ran out of the goods it proceeded to hiss in our face which followed with us running away. Sadly, I don't think our friendship was destined to last. Though it was good while it lasted. 

The swan BEFORE it tried to kill us. 

Me and Dayle getting all posey on the bridge. Well, me getting posey and Dayle being kinda forced in to it once again though yet again he smiled for the camera like a trooper and looks damn good too!

This was some stone henge esque stone arrangement which I thought 'oh I'll take a picture of that it looks like stone henge so why tf not'. Though sadly it's not the real deal, it still looks cool.

These final pictures are from a place called The Stables in Betws y Coed. If you haven't been, you NEED to. The pulled pork burgers are out of this world and it is the best pulled pork I have ever tasted in my entire life. It was locally sourced so I'm guessing that's why. However, for those of you who don't eat meat there was also an array of lovely meals and puddings, here I'm pictured eating brownie and ice cream. There's also lots of beverages and Dayle chose this purple one to match my hair which was great. We kept playing a game where one of us would go to the bar and order something to surprise the other; we had to try guess what it was! 

Oh, I also chased sheep, played hide and seek and was suspended really high in the air zipping across wires and doing a whole host of obstacles which I nearly quit but I didn't and I completed!!! Even though I'm a wimp. So, yeah, it was a bloody good trip and I'd recommend going to everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts over the past few days as this is what I've been doing. I didn't take my laptop as I wanted the true 'Welsh' experience.

Also congratulations to Tori Harrison on winning the Unicorn makeup brushes in my 100 follower giveaway!


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