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Tuesday, January 03, 2017


So, as it's newly 2017 I decided I needed to set some blogging goals. I am a recent blogger and I really do care about you guys reading this blog and want to make it as entertaining as possible for my readers. There's literally nothing else in this world that I enjoy more than blogging so I want to make my content as good as possible. 

1. My first blogging goal is to get better at taking pictures/editing them for my blog. I feel like this is something that I need to work on as there as many different ways to edit an image in order to give it that professional look that I really struggle to find the BEST way. I want my images to look clean and professional and have started using Photoshop and my DSLR in order to try and achieve this.

2. My second blogging goal of 2017 is to ensure that I write at least a few posts a week with at least ONE outfit post each week. I have only done one outfit post in a few weeks and need to ensure that I find the time to do one at least once a week as it's what my readers seem to enjoy the most - seeing me as a mermaid hah! 

3. My third blogging goal would be to get my template professionally designed. I want my template to really draw in readers and bloggers alike. In order to ensure that this occurs then my blog really needs to look the part. I want a really quirky beautiful yet colourful/professional layout that's going to stand out. I want it be really really unique so I will have to save up the money to ensure I can make this a reality.

4. My fourth blogging goals is to make sure that my content is always what you guys want to see and is of interest. I want to make sure that people enjoy my blog and want to read it each week.

5. My fifth blogging goal is to STAY TRUE TO MYSELF. I will not be promoting products that I don't actually think are of value myself as I know some bloggers do it purely for the money. I don't want my readers seeing anything that I don't actually think is worthwhile myself. Everything I blog will be keeping it REAL.
6. My sixth blogging goal is to make friends with other bloggers and to perhaps attend some events. I really want to get to know the beautiful blogging community.
7. My seventh blogging goal is to write a guest post for someones blog which would be super fun and worthwhile!

8. My eighth blogging goal is to expand my beautiful followers which links to all of these goals as if I make sure I follow them hopefully my followers will expand too.

Thank you for reading this post. What are your aspirations for 2017? 



  1. Great goals, I definitely want to make more of an effort with other bloggers and support as many awesome blogs as I can. Want to step up my photography too, all the best with these! I look forward to seeing you achieve them, thanks for sharing lovely x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. Thanks lovely, best of luck for your goals too <3 xx

  2. i finally want to transform my blog into what i always wanted it to be so i will be having a massive relaunch in a few weeks and i will finally dip my toes into fashion posts. can't wait.

    1. Oooo that's exciting, I really look forward to seeing this! xxx

  3. I can completely relate to these but especially number 6. I've actually been organising a small meet up with other bloggers in my area, purely because I'd love to meet some other people in this community!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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