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Monday, January 09, 2017

Floral Fancy

Today pictures were taken literally outside my student house so the backgrounds a bit lack lustre but I guess you get a real feel for 'street style' and the type of area I am currently situated in (it's not very fancy and there's very few pretty places to get blog pictures).

How cute is this leather jacket I bought yesterday? It was only about £25 and from Primark of all places! You wouldn't think it would you?

The rest of the outfit is all Primark too bar the houndstooth shoes which were £5 from That website is literally a saviour when I'm skint and have overspent on alcohol (I'm a student afterall!). These shoes are super cute, look kinda like docs but have a really cute chunky heel and are honestly really comfortable. They're light on my feet also so don't drag me down when I'm walking. I hate wearing really heavy shoes as they can be uncomfortable.

Back to the jacket, I wanted a light jacket I could wear a lot but I didn't want a typical plain leather jacket and I just happened to see this in Primark. As soon as I did I couldn't walk out of the shop without it being mine. I think it's such a quirky piece for Primark.

I'm also equipped with my beautiful mermaid River Island purse as per usual, I just cannot put it down.

Thanks for reading and thank you for getting me to over 100 followers. I honestly couldn't be happier. At 500 followers I will be doing a big giveaway so keep your eyes peeled.
Do you like floral patterns? Dare to wear them in the colder months like me?




  1. I can't believe that jacket is from Primark! I need it in my life! I actually got a really cute satin bomber jacket from there recently too!

    Holly x

    1. I know right it's mad isnt it! Such a gorgeous jacket. Yeah it's a shock some of the nice things you can buy xx

  2. As if that's a primark jacket!! I love the floral detailing on it!xxx

    Lucy x |

    1. I know yeah you wouldn't think it would you! Thank you x

  3. Love your edgy style! And this hair is too cool. You rock it girl!!

    xx, Amy

    1. Aw thanks so much this is a really lovely comment! xx

  4. This leather jacket looks amazing on you.
    Nina's Style Blog


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