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Friday, January 06, 2017


I'm a lover of high quality make-up, as I am sure every one is BUT I particularly love it when it comes at an affordable price. It's all well and good to market high quality make-up at five billion pounds (ok slight over shot) but being able to afford it is another matter. 

If you're looking for affordable, cost effective make-up that matches up to high quality make-up then look no further. I'm sure many of you have heard of Make- up Revolution. Well, they're the first brand that offer make-up at a very affordable price. Now I can hear you thinking, hang on.. is it even any good? Well in short, yes. YES it is. It's incredibly good! In this post I have the Make-up Revolution contour stick as well as an eyebrow kit.

The contour stick literally does what it says on the tin. It contours your face to perfection. Before it I'm a potato yet afer wards I look like a mothaf*in sculpted potato hah! No, but seriously, it really does a great job and has a small price tag. CYA L8ER ANASTASIA. 

The eyebrow kit is amazing. It's a dupe of Benefit brow zings but for a fraction of the price. Make-up revolution also sell another eyebrow kit which is personally my favourite of the two as it has a highlight cream that really makes the brows stand out however I really like this kit in order to create a nice natural brow look. The other kit creates much harsher eyebrows as the gel in this is clear in comparison to the dark brown in the other kit both of which you then put powder over. So it's a double whammy with the other kit hence why you get a softer natural look with this one. It comes with an an adorable angled brush and tweezers and includes a handy mirror, I mean what more could you want!?

In terms of the other products, my all time favourite Revlon colorstay foundation is GODLY. I have the most annoying skin that decides it doesn't want to be one or the other, it decides it wants to be both goddamn oily AND dry BRILLIANT. But, then came along Revlon's combination foundation and hey presto I was glowing and not shiny or suffering from dry patches at all. If you're reading and you have combination skin, this stuff is literally the holy grail and has a nice price tag too just to make it all that much better.

The stay matte powder is UH-MAZING. I use urban decays powder which is meant to act as a foundation sort of powder yet this powder that was a fraction of the price literally provides a more flawless coverage... It shows that price isn't always reflective of quality. I can't recommend this powder enough and have used it for years.

The angled brush I got for super cheap from body care I think it was literally like a pound and it's really good and works like any high end brush. I also got the oval brush from Primark which is amazing quality and has converted me away from using a foundation brush. These oval brushes are revolutionary, they feel amazing on your skin and make blending a literal dream. 

Overall all of these products are such high quality products for a minimal price and lets face it who doesn't love a bargain? Have any of you tried any of these products? 



  1. I definitely need to invest in some more Makeup Revolution products! I've only tried their eyeshadows and lipsticks (which I love), but forget about everything else! That eyebrow palette sounds great - and obviously a great price :)

    Lizzie xx

    1. They're amazing, I purchased the 12 days of Christmas Makeup revolution chest (late haha) and it's due to come tomorrow which is exciting!!! Cannot wait to try that xxx

  2. Ooo okay I need all of these products in my life!

    Enclothed Cognition

    1. They are honestly so good, especially for the price! x

  3. If I already love Revlon when it comes to having that great value for money, I don't think I've ever tried anything from Make-up Revolution. It sounds really great, though, especially the eyebrow kit!

    1. Make up revolution is definitely something you must try. My favourite make-up brand!


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