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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January 2017 Best Bits

Here's a few of my best bits from my second month of blogging. I'll talk about some of my achievements this month as I think it's nice to reflect on the good in order to progress.

Favourite Photography

I really like these pictures I think they're great and I aspire to ensure all my photography is as good and hopefully better than this in the months to come.

Personal Goals Achieved

At the end of 2016, I set myself some personal goals. Now I know it's only a month later but I'm proud to have achieved some of them.

1. I got my blog professionally designed. I am SO happy with how it has turned out. I wanted to be different from every one else and therefore chose an obscure designer but it SO paid off. I cannot recommend her enough. I also paid a friend to draw my unique mermaid tail logo so now my branding is complete and I'm super happy with how everything turned out. I feel like I'll probably get bored soon though and start adding stuff to it as I'm really bad for that. I hope you guys like the layout and my logo and would really appreciate any feedback on it.

2. I am booked in to attend a blogging event in London. I am thrilled to be all booked in for Blog con LDN and CANNOT wait to meet some of you guys! Let me know in the comments below if anyone's going and we should totally meet up and chat on twitter or something to ease our minds about going! I must admit I am a little nervous as it's my first ever blogging event.

3. I have stayed true to myself. I have only accepted products to promote through my blog that I think you guys would want to see and really truly go with the blog. I would never promote something purely for a free item as that would negatively impact my blog and I don't want to lose any of you guys.

4. I have kept putting out content frequently. I have really really enjoyed blogging, so much so that I've posted very frequently which I'm super proud of and it will continue! I have a cute post lined up for you tomorrow.

5. I have over 100 followers (one off 150 guys pls help hahahha). I'm extremely happy to have achieved nearly 150 followers now I don't know if that's good in a two and a half month time frame but to me it's a huge achievement!

Most Popular Post

This was my most popular post this month so I'll ensure I keep on the look out for great value bargains for you guys.

All in all, January has been a good one and I hope it's been great for you too!

Help me get to 150 followers, I'm one away so it'd be SO appreciated xo

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