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Sunday, January 22, 2017

January Wishlist

So, I thought I'd comprise a wishlist of all my January faves though it was kind of not productive as I ended up buying £50 worth of clothes off Boohoo lol oops. Wishlists should remain as wishlists when you're a student but hey ho!

1. These Jeans are new in for Missguided and I thought they were so cute and kinda quirky cos of the chains hanging off them. So grunge yet oddly chic. I adore them.

2. This denim skirt is a new in for Boohoo and is like a skirt I already own but better ha! Always the way. You'll buy something but then see a nicer version. Love the way it dips at the back and is so frayed at the bottom. Can be super grunge but also girly.

3. This leather jacket is also a new in for Boohoo and it's right up my street. Love things like this with bits of embroidery on, they look sooo cayoot. I have a leather jacket with floral embroidery so this is totally what I need next.

4. This top is so pretty. It's simple yet different cause of the flared sleeves. I had to buy this so you'll probably see it on the blog sooner or later. I got it in black though but both colours were fiiiire.

5. This shirt dress is something I luuurve, it comes with the belt as well how awesome? I have a few shirt dresses in my collection and find them super flattering. One more can't hurt right?

6. This oversized denim jacket is beaut AND warm. Two of the best things ever cos a gal wants to look hot but practical!! 

Is there anything you've had your eye on this January?



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