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Monday, January 23, 2017

Lovisa Haul - Cute ASF Jewellery Finds

So, I was recently shopping around Preston hoping to find something nice to buy for my sisters birthday. I was on my way to Superdrug (I was planning on maybe getting her some makeup or perfume or something) when I noticed this shop called Lovisa.

I'd seen that shop quite a few times but chosen to never go in, until now. In I went and WOW. As soon as I entered the door I knew I was gunna be broke. I like quirky jewellery however, I find this hard to source on the high street. I usually always find the best places to get jewellery are etsy but I was astounded to find really beautiful pieces in this store for good prices.

I loved this ring, it reminds me of this pandora one but more of a gothic, punk version which I really really liked. 

Ugh when I saw this unicorn choker I literally had to have it for me and my sister. She let me have the purple one though (I was secretly so happy!!!!) Even though it says kids (lol I'm a kid at heart) it stretches fine and fits adults well. 

This choker was to DIE for. I couldn't leave the shop without it. Anything holographic/iridescent has my name written all over it, so when I saw this I died and went to heaven and it came straight up there with me! 

Last but not least, I bought these beautiful matching sister necklaces which are so delicate and pretty. I thought the packaging was adorbs too and they made for a perfect present for her birthday. 

Have any of you ever visited a Lovisa? 


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