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Thursday, January 12, 2017

New purchases - Rose gold, geometrics & marble

So I'm sure you're no stranger to the marble and rose gold trends as well as the wirey kind of geometric pieces. Well.. I felt I had to get on board and when I saw these I just HAD to purchase them. They will look so pretty around the house and I cannot wait to whip out my cute stationary at university. Also ordered a cute marble phone case with my name on.

The geometric lamp was from Primark for around £5, what a bargain though. I have always adored Primark, I mean I know there can be a lot of crap in there but if you sift through you really do find some gems. The picture frame and diffuser are both from home bargains and they were both really cheap and are good quality and look beautiful! The notepads are also Home Bargains. Home Bargains is literally such an amazing shop filled with loads of great things ranging from games to cutlery to EVENNN a good facial mask.

The phone case is from eBay and I thought I would add it in to the post as it's a marble pattern with my name written in rose gold. For those of you that don't know, my name is Rebecca Rose Porritt hence why I got it personalized with Rebecca Rose.

What's your favourite thing I got? Do you like the marble and rose gold trends?

Thanks for reading beauties.



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