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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

How To Have a Fleeky Contour For £5

Do you want your face to be sculpted like a goddess? You need to get your hands on this sculpting contour stick from Makeup Revolution. It's IS a revolution. I have tried loads of different things to contour my face but this stick just works so well.

The fact that it's a stick makes it so easy to apply which is why I really really love this. I have the sleek contour palette and numerous other contouring contraptions but nothing lives up to this beautiful £5 wonder. I honestly couldn't recommend it enough. It goes on so well, stays on amazingly, looks great. 

This was my potato face before I used the stick to contour my face. Round and potatoey in all it's glory.

Whereas afterwards, I look way more chiseled. It accentuates all your best features and slims your face right down. I love contouring it's literally the best thing ever and this stick just makes it so much easier!

Overall I rate this beautiful PERFECT stick 10/10. It couldn't be any better, it's affordable, long lasting and sends me from a potato to a chiseled goddess. What more could you want?

What do you use to contour your face? Do you contour at all?

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