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Friday, February 03, 2017

Jeffree Star Scorpio Lipstick Review

Having tried numerous lipsticks and lip kits I thought it was time to give Jeffree Stars lipsticks a whirl. I saw this colour somewhere, I think it was Instagram, and instantly fell in love with the colour.

Kylie Jenner's lip kits were so hyped and don't get me wrong, I do like them but the formula was WAY too drying on my lips as I know a lot of other people found too. I'd wear her lipstick, feel slick for a couple hours then come home to my lips drier than Ghandis flipflop. 

This, therefore, led to my search for the perfect lipstick and guess what gals.. I FOUND IT!

First of all, the staying power of this lipstick is something else.. Once I got in really drunk and forgot to take my makeup off (awful I know) and the next day my lipstick was still intact... Like how!?? 

This lipstick is also, NOWHERE NEAR as drying as Kylies. It feels much better on the lips and the colour is super super pigmented so win win.

You also get plenty of product so more bang for your buck as the container is quite big and large. The applicator is perfect and the lipstick can be applied easily.

The only thing I found is that it feels weirdly thin at first like when your press your lips together whilst wet but I just apply another coat and when it's dry it's so pigmented and bold that it's not an issue.

Also, I think it's a shame that these lipsticks don't come in a kit like Jenner's do. I like to line my lips and it can be hard to find colours to match these lipsticks unique colours.

All in all I would rate Jeffree Stars lipstick a strong 8.5/10 and would recommend them. They're pigmented, non-drying, great packaging, lots of product, good application, amazing staying power and not really really expensive!

Have you got any Jeffree Star lipsticks? What do you think of them?

Also, do you like my photography? I am SOOO trying to make it good! Hopefully, it looks like it's improving.


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