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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner Review

Today I wanted to review Kat Von D's Tattoo Liner. I know a lot of bloggers have this liner but I wanted to let you guys know a true review as to whether it's worth it.

This liners a little pricey at £16 as I was used to getting Rimmel's Glam Eyes for around a fiver which was a really decent eyeliner but I grew tired of using a brush tip. It was hard to get that really defined flick as it wasn't as stable as a pen like nib which is what Kat Von D's liner boasts.

I have THE oiliest eyelids and hooded lids too so I'm pretty much the worst person ever to buy eyeliner for. In the summer it transfers all over my face and I end up looking like a panda so I went on a quest to find a liner that was going to go on and STAY on.

I heard about Kat's tattoo liner and thought immediately it sounded great for me. Read some reviews and took the plunge. I have to admit it's the best liner I've ever used.

It goes on like a dream, glides across the lid easily and is super super black which is what I wanted. Its staying power is great too however I did find on a couple of the hottest days it did slightly transfer though I'm the hardest to cater for when it comes to eyeliner due to the oiliness and hooded lids so a couple of times was a miracle for me.

The only other problem I had with this liner was that when you apply it and want to touch it up, it can just start kinda playing up and not actually applying over itself if you do it once it has dried. This isn't a huge issue though as it very rarely happens. 

Once it dries it does seem to be very tattoo like though I also noticed it can have a slight kind of frosted tint to it/kinda glazed which must be something to do with the tattoo like formula.

All in all, I think this liner is really good, it's easy to apply, got a very nice jet black look and has great staying power. Though, some downfalls are in certain lights it looks a tad glazed and also sometimes plays up with application and on very hot days I find it can transfer.

All in all I rate this liner a 8/10. It's the best liner I've tried.

 Here's an example of the liner once applied. 

What do you think of Kat Von D's Tattoo Liner? Have you ever tried it?


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