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Friday, February 10, 2017

Valentines Day Make-up Idea - Red, Gold & Nude

I thought seeing as Valentines day was up and coming that I'd do a makeup look for you all. This is probably what I'll wear on Valentines day. I literally love experimenting with makeup and it's one of my fave things other than fashion!

For the lids I've done a red cut crease, in keeping with the luuuurve theme. I teamed it with gold glitter as what''s better than a bit of red and gold glitter for Valentines. I used Kat Von D's tattoo liner for my liner.

I made this look quite glowy and used a bit more blusher than I normally would as I feel it's appropriate for that Valentines vibe.

On my lips I used Kylie Jenners Dolce K topped with some Sally Hansen lip gloss. I'm not normally one to wear lip gloss but for Valentines it is SO appropriate. Glossy lips look great for kissing even though they'll probs end up all sticky ha! (NO innuendo itended.. gosh guys I know it's Valentines  but calm down).

I also added a cute lil heart as it's a Valentines day makeup idea so why the f not hey! haha

By the way, if you noticed the slightly singed wire then, yeah.. I nearly burned down my house taking these pictures! My fairy lights fell on to my candle. Luckily lights still functioning and no fire occurred, I caught it just in time haha! Shows what type of a person I am.. clumsy AF.

Did you like this makeup look?


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