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Friday, March 10, 2017

Is Blush Queen the Queen of all blush palettes? For £6 - I think so.

Believe it or not, I actually stopped wearing blush for rather a long time. It used to get forgotten over my bronzer and eery thoughts of my younger years definitely led me away from it (let's just say I packed it on!). 

Now though, I honestly believe a little bit on the apples of your cheeks can seriously transform a look. I feel like adding a little bit of colour to your look can make you look way healthy even if you do stuff your face with pizza and takeaway (oh wait, just me again).

What drew me to this palette was the beautiful marbled look of the blush and I just hoped that the colours I was seeing in the palette would transfer like that onto my face and I wasn't disappointed.

I really love Makeup Revolution. Not only are they an affordable brand but they consistently produce high-quality products, most of which I own as I am OBSESSED. I've heard a few people saying that it irks them that they keep on mimicking higher brands however I think that it provides a budget alternative to people who perhaps don't have that high a budget. People are still going to go and buy the higher brands products as obviously they'll be of better quality but it just provides us with an option of being able to own something similar.

As for this blush palette, it's so stunning and it looks just as good on. It's really pigmented and a little bit on your cheeks looks amazing. You don't need to use too much product so you're really getting a lot of bang for your buck.

I also use this as highlighter. The lighter colours can look really beautiful as highlight and when I want to mix up my makeup a bit, I use them!

Overall rating 9/10. The only downfall is that the packaging is super basic and it's just in a black palette however with a budget brand this is to be expected and I think the beautifulness of the blusher itself makes up for what's lacking in packaging.

Do you think Makeup Revolution should stop mimicking higher brands' products?


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