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Monday, March 27, 2017

The Frutiest, Long-Lasting, Cute ASF And Sparkly MERMAID Fragrance for £3.50


Primark have SERIOUSLY upped their damn game. I wandered over to the makeup section and there was all these fragrances and in amongst them was this absolute BEAUTY. As I'm sure you all know, I'm quite the mermaid fan. So, when I stumbled across this I obviously had to give it a try.

The packaging is so cute. The holographic shell and the glitter floating around within drew me in immediately. Anything sparkly and holographic is my best friend as I'm sure those of you who follow me on pinterest will have realised. As for the fragrance, I must admit I wasn't expecting anything phenomenal but I can truly say this is my favourite fragrance I own! I've owned high-end stuff too so to be this blown away by a £3.50 fragrance really is quite something.

On the packaging it states that it's a magical blend of delicious passion fruit and rasperry infused with floral notes completed with warm woods to create a mystical mermaid fragrance. It literally nails this. I can smell hints of it all and it makes for such a gorgeous smell.

When I wore this I thought it'd only last an hour, if that, but to my surprise it smelled strongly all night! I kept receiving compliments about how nice I smelt so not bad for such a bargain buy. All in all, this fragrance has zero low points.

It's literally the nicest body spray I've ever owned and smells dreamy. The added glitter just makes it that bit more special and mermaidy and the packaging is so cute! For £3.50 I couldn't be happier with my purchase and I will be stocking up on these for sure. Also, I'm sorry for the late post, I've just started a full time job so it's been hard getting used to when to blog around it but I think I got this covered now.

Love you alll ♡


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