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So, I thought it was about time I had an 'about me' page. It felt like I was being super impersonal not having one and after all I'd really like you all to get to know me and why I started this blog.

The basics - I'm 21. Doing a digital and social media apprenticeship for a wonderful brand (I essentially get to blog all day paid). I was in university studying fashion brand promotion with journalism up until a week ago (todays date is 03/03/2017). However, this didn't really pan out, I wasn't enjoying it and my course actually got cancelled and was changed to just fashion brand promotion which wasn't what I wanted to do. I wanted to combine english with fashion in some way so this apprenticeship is really super exciting for me! The brand sells body jewellery and is like unicorn mad (HOW APPROPRIATE??!?!?! Ok I know I'm a mermaid but a unicorn is my second fave...)

Why I started this blog - I had a previous blog way back when. I was like 15/16 I think and it didn't really work out. I thought you could post to a blog and that was that. How wrong was I? Anyway, I always had an interest in english and fashion but it became much more serious when I first started a blog and when I was forced to take textiles as it was the only one left in the block I could choose that was artsy and I knew I definitely wanted to do artsy. I actually wanted to take fine art but was unable to. It actually turned out that taking textiles was to shape my whole life. I realised I had a real talent for it and teachers were shocked I had never done it before. That's when I really started to get into fashion. I was excelling in English Language at A Level also so I decided that I wanted to go to uni to do fashion journalism. Uni was kinda the thing everyone was doing and I thought it'd be the right thing for me but then this apprenticeship came along and I believe everything happens for a reason. I'm super happy now I have a lovely boyfriend I met first year of uni and I have a full time job doing blogging wahooo.

If anyone has any questions they'd like to ask just comment below or let me know and I could try answer them in this as best I can. Love you allll 

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